Helium Producing Companies

Introducing – North American Helium

HeliumZone is choosing North American Helium as their first Helium production company to present on this page.

North American Helium is a private company formed in 2013. It appears to be Canadian as it is based in Calgary, Alberta. This statement from its website: “ North American Helium is a Calgary-based private helium exploration and production company founded in 2013. We have acquired rights to explore for and produce helium on an expanding property base of over 4,400,000 acres in the province of Saskatchewan and in the States of Utah and Arizona. The company has drilled over 20 wells, discovered substantial reserves of helium, moved our Battle Creek field to commercialization and are actively delineating several new discoveries.” https://nahelium.com/about-us/overview/

While Canadian based, the company obviously has connections in the US with exploration rights in Utah and Arizona. What is intriguing about the company is their ability to move from formation to production in a fairly organized and rapid manner. All with private funding. The company announced the opening of their first production and distribution well in July of 2020, with a significantly larger facility planned for operation and distribution in 2021. This from their website:

“North American Helium commenced first helium production at its Cypress field in July 2020. Production from this initial well is secured through a multi-year off-take agreement, providing for revenue certainty and locking in favourable economics.

Helium production volumes from this initial well is expected to supply up to six transport tube trailers per month for distribution throughout North America.

Operational success with this initial production facility allows NAH to proceed with its larger helium production facility at the nearby Battle Creek field. Production throughput volumes at this new facility are expected to be five times greater than this initial site. Equipment for the new plant has been placed on order with site preparation and construction scheduled to commence in the fall of 2020 and an on-stream date of July 2021.”

North American Helium is a company to watch. Their website is loaded with video and pics, with lots of information about their future plans. Here is their website: https://nahelium.com

By: HeliumZone Staff and NAH Website content https://nahelium.com/